Elevate your peace of mind with Chetnaam's transformative approach to mental well-being.


Chetnaas Healing


Initial Inquiry

  • Customer reaches out to Chetnaas Healing either through email or call.
  • Customer discusses about what areas/problems they are looking for solution and get details on how Chetnaas Healing services can be helpful to them.
  • Chetnaas Healing team will help in deciding which services customer can avail for getting better results.


Submitting Personal Details

  • After initial inquiry, if customer is willing to avail any services from Chetnaas Healing, they need to submit their personal details like, Name, Date of birth and time, birth place, mobile number, email, latest passport photo, home address, etc as details are necessary for detailed analysis and generate individual report for various services like Numerology, Astrology, providing remote energy healing, etc.
  • For more details about processing of personal details, please see the privacy policy.


Paid Consultation & Our approach

  • After submitting of personal details by the customer, Chetnaas Healing team undergoes the services opted by the customer.
  • We treat every customer equal and provide simplest cost effective possible solutions.
  • A detailed consultation will be done either remotely through call or one to one meeting and all the areas of problems will be discussed along with possible solutions/remedies which needs to be performed by the customer.



  • Cultural and Spiritual values in traditions and practices of energy way towards enlightenment.
  • Supportive open environment
  • Understanding of the environment, nature, experience wisdom of cosmic energy.
  • Conscious living lifestyle with purpose.
  • Quality, coping with uncertainty open for all possibilities
  • Inclusive Learning, respect.
  • Equal importance for every single human.



  • The customer needs to perform all the remedies/solutions provided during their consultation session. If customer has chosen to undergo remote aura/chakras cleaning or remote healing service, then in that case all the healing and/or aura and chakras cleaning work will be done by Chetnaas Healing by an expert in healing service and after healing has been passed to the customer remotely, Chetnaas Healing team will inform the customer about it and the customer just needs to accept it gracefully.
  • If customer has any doubts or any queries regarding solutions/remedies, they can reach out to Chetnaas Healing during the working hours.


Customer Feedback

  • The customer has to provide the feedback regarding their services availed from Chetnaas Healing and share their experience.
  • Customer can also provide some valuable inputs/suggestion which they feel can improve the services of Chetnaas Healing in a better way.