Chetnaam aims to facilitate one's personal growth, release blockages and align them with their true essence. We at Chetnaam are dedicated to fostering an environment of trust, authenticity, allowing individuals to embrace their unique spiritual path.


Chetnaam's vision is to empower individuals on their spiritual, emotional and physical journey by providing transformative healing experiences that awaken their inner wisdom, foster profound self-discovery and cultivate a deep connection.


Chetnaam's mission is to create a sacred space for individuals seeking spiritual healing, where they can experience profound shifts in their emotional, mental and energetic well-being, intuitive guidance, energy healing modalities and compassionate support.

About us

Chetnaam helps you get over mental illness.

Chetnaas Healing

Discover profound tranquillity and mental peace with Chetnaam, a leading advocate for holistic well-being. At Chetnaam, we specialize in mindfulness meditation techniques, personalized breathing exercises, and guided visualization practices, all meticulously designed to nurture a calm and centred mind. Our cognitive behavioural strategies empower individuals to reshape thought patterns, fostering a positive mental state. Embracing Chetnaam's holistic approaches to mental wellness, including yoga and mindful practices, leads to a transformative journey toward inner balance. Experience the unparalleled benefits of Chetnaam's unique blend of wisdom and contemporary practices, guiding you on a path to serenity and profound well-being.


Chetnaam sculpts tranquillity: handcrafted meditations, mindful tools, and serene spaces guide individuals on a journey to inner peace. Each creation, a testament to their dedication, empowers well-being.


“Everything that slows us down and forces patience, everything that sets us back into the slow circles of nature, is a help."

– Jame Stevens

Our clients

Work with big and small.

Bollywood Actor, TV Artist

Heital Puniwala

I know Chetna since long, she is a very loving and caring person. Above all she is a person who would be always ready to help friends. As she has done healing practices and do it very delligently...

Swati ( Ahmedabad )

I heard about Reiki healings from my friend and took distant healing therapy session from Chetna divine healing for health issues. It really worked, all these days; I was very weak and le...

Laxmipriya ( Chennai )

I feel blessed to be a part of Chetna universe of healing. I have received countless blessing and healings during difficult times which helped me grow more stronger. She has also guided...

Mun ( Ahmedabad )

Heart felt gratitude and thanks to Chetna divine healing for the solutions given for my son Yas - My son recovered from psychological trauma after 11 years. S...

Ramsi Parmar ( Gir )

I have received healing many times from Chetna, who is from Chetnas Divine Healing. It was very effective and I have felt the difference within one or two days in my health. Chetna also con...

Bindi ( USA )

Kudos to Chetna. I had received healing from her for my back pain and knee pain. From third day of healing, I started to feel much better and my back and knee pain felt less hurting. The quality....

Prash ( UK )

I consulted Chetna for my kid Pearls spiritul healing, when we noticed very unusual behavior, getting anger on very small things. We are truly blessed to divine and graceful to receive an improved emotional and mental level with self awareness. Gratitude to Chetna for all she contribute in our lives🙏

Prakash Sharma ( Ahmedabad )

I am using services from Chetna healing from last 2 years and 100% satisfied with her guidance, support. There is a lot transformation in my through divine blessings and this journey o...

Nilesh Patel ( Baroda )

I have known Chetna from many years, she has always been a spiritual person and has inspired me and many others with her ideas. Her Reiki and Healing sessions have brought immen....

Kajal Unadkat ( Canada )

Chetnaas Spiritual healing is really amazing. It is paving the way for me acheiving the bigger goals in life by realizing the inner potential. I am blessed to receive such intuitive guidance and energy that is helping my inner transformation 🙏

Ajay Kumar Jain ( Gurgaon )

I took a reiki from Chetna for my Infection. I was irritated and annoyed but after receiving reiki I am feeling really good and fine.

Bhanti Singha ( Ahmedabad )

Through healing and guidance from Chetna divine, I experience change and greater levels of focus, creativity, confidence and emotional stability. It lead to better overall performance...

Dilip Gandhi ( Baroda )

My husband's business was struggling, causing him stress, pain and clouding his thinking. This stress impacted me too, making me anxious and affecting our home life. We decided to try spiritual healing by Chetna as suggested by one of my friends and it made a real difference. My husband feels calm....

Purvi Panchal

Chetna Ma'am, I have consulted her for spiritual healing in my day to day life. She has done incredible changes and guided me to the best path. She further gave me better suggestions and understood all the details of mine with all her due efforts. I truly appreciate her efforts and the kind of positive aura she creates with all her understanding.

Parin Shah ( Ahmedabad )

We are blessed and thanks to Chetnas Healing for a beautiful Name and Brand Logo Energy check of our new company SecureFintec...

Hardik Bhatt ( Baroda )

After spiritual healing am feeling confident, emotionally strong and energetic. I was suffering with PCOD, but spiritual healing balanced my hormone levels too. Before I was feeling....

Preethi Patel ( Hyederabad )

My mentor and spiritual path darshak, my beloved sister Chetna Patel from Ahmedabad-Gujarat. She is well known expert and master in spiritual healing & devoteeof Lord Shiva. I'...

Mohan Patel ( Hyderabad )

This year has started on a spiritual note for me. Feeling blessed. your Aaurvedic herbs are magical. Shall be orders again soon. Thanks so much for blessing & energy that you send out our way😍

Shweta Jain ( Gurgaon )

Chetna Ma'am played a pivotal role in helping us choose the perfect name for our baby, and we couldn't be more grateful. Her expertise and thoughtful suggestions led us to the beautiful name "Hanaya Fenil Shah."

Fenil Shah ( Baroda )
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